Staying at or leaving your current job is a tough decision to make. The reason is that the decision involves discovering for yourself what you want from a job, what you're getting, what you're lacking, what could be potentially fixed, etc...

The end goal here is to make the right decision. Ideally, the choice you'll make would be perfect, i.e. it would have all of the pros and none of the cons. Of course, usually perfect choices are not available, but you would ideally at least be conscious about what compromises you're making and why.

First of all, let's cover the reasons to consider for staying (at least for a while) at your current job.

Reasons to stay (at least for a while):

You're emotionally affected

If you're reading this, chances are 

Challenges for describing this problem:

  • Many different job areas (e.g. software development,  warehouse worker, texture designer, etc..)
  • Many different reasons to stay/leave different for every area
    • Many more reasons to come
  • Aspects
    • Reasons to stay
      • For how long
    • Reasons to leave
      • Their urgency
      • What are the prospects of fixing the issues at work?
      • Did you talk to your manager about them?
    • How to leave
      • Don't burn bridges if you can
        • Try to finish your tasks
        • Try to not take any additional ones
        • Knowledge transfer/handover
    • Should we cover the 12 questions?
  • What's the audience of this problem?
  • How to help?
    • Do you not see your reason not to leave?
  • Personal stories?


  • Reasons to stay
    • Salary
    • Bonus/promotion coming up
    • Work environment
    • Nice colleagues
    • Nice Office/Workspace
    • Convenience of location
      • Next to my child's school/kindergarten
      • Flexible working time
      • Close to home
    • Additional benefits
      • Health insurance package
      • Subscription to online libraries
      • Free snacks/drinks
        • + Why?
    • Opportunities for growth
    • Interesting projects
    • Learning a lot of new things
    • Career opportunitites
  • Reasons to leave
    • Salary
    • Not getting along with my boss
    • Don't like my project
    • Not learning anything new/not progressing
    • Not living up to my potential
    • Better offer
      • + Why?
    • Lack of motivation
    • Don't get along with my manager
    • Overtime
    • Changes in the company organization
    • Schedule not flexible
    • Better job opportunity
    • Inexperienced team lead
  • Cost of leaving
    • New trial period
    • Missed bonus
    • Missed pay raise
    • Missed chance to get into leadership
    • Need to make a new impression at your new workplace
    • Leaving a job too often might cause reputation issues
    • Risks
      • Hit the same issues you have at your previous job
  • Opportunities for leaving
    • New domain
    • New technologies
    • Different perspectives


Created by Krasimir Milchev on 2019/12/01 13:04