I would like to buy a home weather station

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I want to buy a weather station for my home. There's an abundance of choice out there and I'm not sure which one to choose.

The goal of this article is to inform on the choices you have for weather stations in terms of features you may or may not want to have in a weather station, everything you need to know about those features, as well as give examples of specific models that have them.

What is a home weather station?

Home weather stations are one or more devices for measuring weather conditions (such as outside temperature) around your home and potentially making short-term predictions (e.g. within 24 hours) about the weather.

Usually, they consist of a main unit, where the weather conditions are displayed, and at least one device (left picture below) sitting somewhere outside that does the measurements. The more advanced the weather station, the more devices it has (right picture). Worth noting is that the measurement devices are wireless so there's no need for additional wiring in your home. Also worth mentioning is that these devices work on batteries so there's some additional maintenance cost there.

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Why might you need a weather station?

The goal of the weather station is to provide you with information about your local weather and local home. You could hear it on the news or check the weather reports online, however, they'll never be as accurate and/or as up-to-date for your local area (especially if you live in a country where weather stations are not as advanced and/or as many).

The weather stations should help to answer questions from "Should I wear a jacket outside" to "Should I plan on working in the garden/field this afternoon."

Health benefits include identifying excessive cold, ice, heat, and or high UV-C radiation (on some models).

Additionally, depending on the model, weather stations might integrate with your smart home and help you utilize the information about outside conditions for air conditioning.

Bottom line is - it might be a convenience or it might be a necessity.

Weather station features

All weather stations have at least the following basic features:

  • Current time
  • Indoor temperature
  • Outdoor temperature

The time is usually radio controlled. Depending on the country you live in, this might or might not be beneficial to you so please read for which countries is the radio controlled time supported for.

Depending on how advanced the weather station is, it could measure one or more of the following:

  • Atmospheric/Barometric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
    • Please note that the devices for detecting wind speed and direction are usually bulky and need to be mounted somewhere outside. Especially consider this if you live in a building/country where it's forbidden to mount anything on the balcony/facade of the building
    • Some models, however, split the above bulky device into several parts which you might get away with mounting on the outside of the building emoticon_smile
  • Rainfall
    • Rainfall is measured by a gauge (picture below) that needs to be leveled for it to work properly. Another implicit requirement is that it needs to be installed somewhere where rain falls directly on it (and not, for example, somewhere where water leaks on it from the balcony above)
      Netatmo - Rain Gauge for Weather Station Netatmo - Weather Station ...
  • Solar (UV) radiation (e.g. Youshiko Weather Station)
  • Sunrise/sunset time (e.g. Youshiko Weather Station)
  • Dew point (e.g. Youshiko Weather Station)
  • Connectivity to a computer (e.g. Youshiko Weather Station)
    • Do note that this is considered inconvenient and because of it it's likely you'll not be taking advantage of this feature a lot. It's better for the weather station to be connected to your local network (see below).
  • Smart home integration
  • Device connectivity
    • Not a lot of stations currently support reading measurements on your phone, unfortunately. The ones we've found are type smart home devices (e.g. Qubino weather station) which requires you to have a smart home controller.

Other features:

  • Color display
    • Noting this explicitly as some models don't have it.
  • Projection of the display on the wall (e.g. Bresser projection)


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