I would like to 3D print a battery holder and there's a huge variety on the web. Which one should I choose?

The goal of this article is to inform on what potentially to look for in a 3D printed battery holder projects and give examples of the different features that you may or may not need.

Battery holder usage

A battery holder should organize the batteries that are otherwise laying (and rolling) around your home.

Battery holders can help you organize batteries by:

  • Battery type
  • Battery condition
    • For single-use batteries, whether they're new, slightly used or dead  (and stored for recycling)
    • For rechargeable batteries, whether they're charged or need to be recharged

What to look for in a battery holder:

Battery holders catalog:

For different battery types:
Battery holders type boxes:
Vertically stacked batteries:
Battery holder dispensers
Minimalistic battery holders

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Created by Krasimir Milchev on 2020/04/24 19:32